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a dossier about Herzzeit, a performance which was premiered at Goethe Institute Paris, for which I had done the sounds and music.

HERZZEIT le temps du coeur (2)

KEIN THEMA 23 March 2013 Nürnberg

Some impressions from the concert with Zoy Winterstein and Silke ZIL Kuhar at Nürnberg in March 2013
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Kein Thema 23 Nürnberg 2.3.2013
Kein Thema 23 Nürnberg 2013

here are some impressions from the concert @ KEIN THEMA 23 in Nürnberg on 2nd March 2013 with Zoy Winterstein (electronics, piano and readings) and Silke ZIL Kuhar (visuals)

Simultan Festival 2012

  • here you can find the full program and information about

    SIMULTAN festival which will take place from the 11th to 13th October 2012

    glad to be part of this amazing festival.

    Hommage an MaCu

    an amazing hommage published in

    V.A. – Head Full of Music Vol. 2

    After the great appreciation of the first compilation initiated by the Head Full Of Music Facebook group, now the long awaited 2nd edition is done. Offering a wonderful variety of
    styles from smooth jazz sounds to dreamy ambient, dark drone and experimental sounds. as bonus, you get with your download a video done by MUTATE for the track Ingenmansland.