MaCu is the musically project of the Austrian based artist Susanne Hafenscher. Trained as classical pianist and guitarist, her interests changed to more abstract and electronic music, after the discovering the fascinating works of the composers of microtonal, serial and minimal music.  Processed guitar lines, vocals and field-recordings are the basics for her mostly improvised works, which are a mixture of organic and electronic sounds appearing as drones, ambient or post concrete sounds.

MaCu started as a solo and only studio project. And as time went on, collaborations with other musicians and visual artists all around the world, which brought some new and very interesting input in this project, began. She can also be heard playing live solo or in different formations.

Her music is published on different labels in physically format or as download.

6 responses to “welcome….

  1. you are talented!!! wish u all the best 🙂

    kamal sabran

  2. She’s one of my favourite experimental artist on Soundcloud.Keep it up,please!

  3. Susanne (MaCu), I’ve arrived at your wondrous work through Tullio DeSantis just now, and it feels very near to a spiritual revelation..THANK YOU!

  4. Suzanne!
    You’re my favourite ambient composer.

  5. Charles S Names

    Your great at what you do!!! I wish to work with you on something serious.I will send you a tape soon!!!

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