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MaCu and Guests Live at Avantgarde Festival 2011

MaCu live at Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst 2011
with guests
Anthony Donovan (prepared chamber) and
Hopek Quirin (bass);
mix/editing by Kris Limbach and Hopek Quirin at Emitter19 Studio, Berlin

Christoph Limbach

V.A. – Classwar Karaoke Survey 0017

cwk 0016









6 or 7 ‘Mineralisch (Short Live Ver.)

A Quiet Monday ‘Nucleus’

Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover ‘Copper FRH_AGS –  Le Carre OKOT_FFM’

Aditi Tahiti ‘Broken Rusty Gate Overlooking Desolate City’

Ania Courtis ‘Live in Kyoto’

Annie Dee and Spidey Agutter ‘La Peste des Animaux’

Anthony Donovan and John Hyatt ‘Art Speaks 1 (Hole in the Air)’

Anton Mobin ‘Four Red Moons’

Astrometria ‘Broken’

Ayato and Naoki Ishida ‘Seahorse’

Blood Stereo ‘Moth Eaten Gurgle’

Bob Ostertag ‘w00t edit’

Bolide ‘Norman Complication’

Bryan Lewis Saunders ‘Infected with Snakes’

Cagey House ‘The Amusement Park is Empty’

Chris Lynn ‘Wuxi’

Clutter ‘The Ghosts of Orgreave’

Coffin Boffin ‘Industrial Meditation’

Crank Sturgeon ‘Rubberboschingalong’

Damien Olsen and Michael Durek ‘Night Shifter’

Daniel Heikalo ‘Broken-Porcelain’

Daniel Spicer ‘Sans Titit’

Daniel Thompson and Matt Chilton ‘Sticks And Stones’

David Fenech ‘Achtung the Rain’

Dental Dames ‘Girl Gangs’

Dylan Nyoukis ‘Morgue, Newness’

Elemental Noise ‘The Book Of The Dead Revisited’

Elizabeth Veldon ‘Clean and Fresh and Then’

Ergo Phizmiz ‘Music for Klaus Nomi’

Flavien Gillié and Hopek Quirin ‘Au Travers des Barreaux’

FluID ‘Guardian’

Gino Robair ‘I, Norton’

Graham Dunning ‘Stutter (edit)’

Gurdonark ‘Red Eared Slider’

Ian Linter ‘Nitumas Morn’

Iku Sakan ‘Selflessness’

Jaap Blonk ‘Mixed Angels’

Jack Twang ‘The Collectivization of Compulsory Enthusiasm’

Jamison Williams ‘The Private Baptism of Children’

Jared C. Balogh ‘Where There Are Grazers There Are Hunters’

Jeff Gburek ‘Peking Manis’

Jo Pearson ‘The Process’

John 3.16 ‘Guardian’

John Hyatt and M4SK 22 ‘Frost on my Window’

Kalistongue ‘Daarll’

Kipple ‘Orpheus with Clay Feet’

Lezet ‘By The Fire’

LIL and Sin Senal ‘Somnambulic’

MaCu ‘Blue’

Maja Jantar ‘Lunabis’

Manthrewny ‘Even Nowhere Is Somewhere’

Matthias Boss and Paulo Chagas ‘Nothing to do’

Miquel Parera ‘nxH7Classwar’

Murmurists ‘In Praise of Daemons’

Noise Research ‘Grimesheet’

Otto von Rhinau ‘Catellus Rabidus Equitum’

OU_pi Golgotha.undead ‘ne.annotation’

Owl Brain Atlas ‘Star of the Salad Bar’

Øystein Jørgensen ‘Tornado’

Pablo Ribot ‘gammaA’

Paddy Steer and Alabaster De Plume ‘I Have Eaten My Heart’

Painburn ‘Post Atomic Images’

PAS ‘The Secret Lives of Energy’

Paulo Chagas ‘Um Trapo Encharcado’

Pixyblink ‘The harvester’

Planetaldol ‘Amygdalophagus’

Ronny Wærnes ‘Målstyring’

Rose Bolton ‘Place Time Space’

Seth Guy ‘Ceci Ne Pas Une Pipe’

Smash Hermetic and Moon Gratte ‘Live at Lostwood pt2’

Sonia Paço-Rocchia ‘Live At Manchester’

Sonic Surgeon ‘Action discrète’

Sound Inhaler ‘a.2012’

Stalaktos ‘Dripline’

Stormhat ‘Sweet Comedown’

Subversive Intentions ‘Occupy Sound’

Thanato Twist and Oleg’s Sound System ‘Hello Sweet Goodbye’

The Magic Carpathians Project ‘Muzyka Modrzewia Laryx Music’

Trans Atlantic Rage  ‘In This Realm There is a Monster’

Tvlasunor ‘Giovanna ‘s Death and Rebirth’

undRess Béton ‘Enrico Memento Zaro mi Luz’

Vor Onus ‘Aquitaine_0708_02’

Wilhelm Matthias ‘Crumbling Walls, Madison Union Cutting’

Yasuo Akai ‘Winter Sketch’

Zilmrah ‘Septenary’

Zreen Toyz ‘Glauconitic Conceptual Absurdities’

MaCu – Cycles

cwk 0016

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Moozak Festival

Moozak Festival

Das erste MOOZAK FESTIVAL bietet einen sorgfältig kuratierten Querschnitt an aktuellen Strömungen der Ton-, Bild- und Objektkunst.
Eigens konzipierte Live-Performances und Installationen, die sich mit dem Charakter der Halle auseinandersetzen, werden an diesen beiden Tagen zu sehen und hören sein und dafür sorgen, dass mehrere sinnliche Ebenen angesprochen werden. Die Bandbreite reicht dabei von audiovisuellen Kompositionen über Improvisations-Sets bis zur Stummilmvertonung – ergänzt durch einen Ausstellungsbereich mit Installationskunst und Projektionen. An den Schnittstellen zwischen den Medien kommt es zu Synergien – die Besucher können eintauchen in eine Immersive Umgebung, die ihre Sinne umhüllt und sie hinfortträgt in experimentelle Welten. Der Veranstaltungsort Media Opera – in der einzigartigen Rinderhalle Neu Marx – wird das seine dazu tun, diese Erfahrung komplett zu machen.

The first MOOZAK FESTIVAL on September 9th and 10th, 2011 offers a carefully curated profile of contemporary dynamics in the fields of experimental audio-, video- and installation art. Special concert performances and installations that interact with the characteristics of the venue make sure that multiple sensual layers will be touched. The scope of events within the MOOZAK FESTIVAL spreads from audio-visual live compositions, improvisational concerts and the scoring of silent films to an exhibition space filled with installation art. At the gateways between media related art beautiful synergies arise. The visitors are invited to emerge in an immersive environment, which enfolds their senses and leads them to new ways of perception. To help making this experience complete we decided to choose a unique venue inside a recently renovated cattle hall: Media Opera / Rinderhalle / Neu Marx / Vienna.
Einlass jeweils 19:00

Beginn jeweils 20:00

Eintritt: 10 €
Festivalpass: 15 €

live audio stream (128 kbps MP3, 20h-4h): “Campusradio St.Pölten Livestream

MaCu – Sometimes


V.A – Classwar Karaoke Survey 0014

Glad to be part of this wonderful compilation

Here You Can Listen and Download

The Rotations Project with Gryphée

The Rotations Project

“The Rotations Project” is an European musical project (England / Spain / Austria / France) initiated by Wehwalt and centered around the motorized and remote-controlled guitar conceived by the French musician Gryphée.
Each of the musicians worked this guitar’s sample provided by Gryphée in a totally free way, using sonic masses to obtain a final result as eclectic as consistent.

* 1. Marc-Henri Arfeux & Gryphée – September Visions (07:52)
* 2. Wehwalt & Gryphée – Rotation I (08:42)
* 3. Infinite Inertia & Gryphée – Cancroid Astroid (06:42)
* 4. Demi-Biche & Gryphée – Pulsations (08:57)
* 5. M.Nomized & Gryphée – Invertion Rotation (06:36)
* 6. The Ghost Between The Strings & Gryphée – Autoignition (09:45)
* 7. MaCu & Gryphée – Voyage (06:14)
* 8. Kadaverik & Gryphée – Primale Rotation (06:43)
* 9. Fabrice Coltro & Gryphée – Ether (Based On H.Michaux’s Poem “L’ether”) (04:08)
* 10. Visoposiv & Gryphée – Rotation V (14:24)

for download on DNA Productions