MaCu – Blue

some awesome words of a friend – Thank you

This music of yrs convinces me that I am awake and alive/Fragmenting noises flung from the vortex of ersatz voice a gothic sound velocity losing control on Atomic Beach losing track crossing tracks many selves flows of spatial intensity the knowledge link becomes parasitical the lesson of the Desert of Nagazaki the possible collective death of meaning everywhere/Music that astronauts listen to in deep sleep /Yes the vortex in reversing the polarity of the game is no longer played by the two but is overwhelmed by the many/ by a multiplicity of reverberating sounds /The more one listens the younger one becomes the less one knows the less one cares to know the more desperate the one experiences the gap between the silence and noise the object where knowledge of these sounds impossible to locate is experienced becoming and thought spins hysterically from the tip of the vortex to the periphery/We carry around with us this ultimate aural blue stranger who is and yet is not of our flesh/There is no such thing as balanced indifference/The centre the axis is absent and yet there are many traces and folds articulated lasting no longer than the inspiration of their execution/to be able to dream music one must understand the illusions of friction and collisions /force without technique is mere mass /There is much subtle technique to be found in this fragment of sound/struck by the absurd tones as valid sensation/Certainly irresistible virtually addictive/The stylized proximity of deep bass resonance with hiss of feedback that ring erodes the eardrums/The sensual low tones exhume a precursor to an end intensity rises to a crest as the hollow metal rumble appropriates new meanings and visions of being drawn into the feedback loop and there is the crackle of applause/great work my friend/Regards and affection Lee Kwo/


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