What is it?

What is it?

sound-music: bonus II – untitled from “Nightflight” composed by MACU ©2011
texts: “Haikus” by George Bilgere & “others” by jaime Rguez ©2011
visual created & edited by AXIAL ©2012

A sound-videoArt for “All noise?”, an art exhibition project by AXIAL
César Naves & jaime Rguez are AXIAL:
noterustas.blogspot.com noterustas.blogspot.com/

MACU is Susanne Hafenscher:

George Bilgere (born 1951) is an American poet.


One response to “What is it?

  1. Roberto Lazzarino

    Beautiful, beautiful work! It’s a real flying vertigo leading me inside my dreams and ghosts.

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