MaCu & MaGrAe – 25th Anniversary Of Chernobyl – In Memoriam

This movie is part of an experimental artwork in shape of a black box, containing various personal preserved memories of the frightening catastrophe in reactor 4 of the Chernobyl-nuclear-powerplant.

Thus this movie follows the rythm of the havoc after the explosion, focusing on the gathering of helpers, the liquidation of the radiating wreckage, and furthermore the manufacturing of the sarcophagus.

With the intention to point out the incapability of controlling this desaster, the frightening helplessness of the people that are responsible and the sad fate of those, who gave their health and even lives in the end, the movie is set in an harsh, distorted and caleidoskopic style, with the radiation all shining through, no matter if it is seen or not – the invisible threat, that will pollute the earth for thousands of years.

Visuals, Concept: MaGrAe // 2011
Music: MaCu // 2011

No Use without permission.
All rights reserved.


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