Volume 1 of the International Email Audio Art Project

This is Volume 1 of the International Email Audio Art Project

a HalTapes label release

consisting of 60 contributions, by these artists:

01) Totem Mold Growth Cord Debate
02) Pregnant Spore Priest Slime
03) NXP I`m Stuck With A Broken TV From A Bankrupt Retailer
04) Jack Hertz Darntrumn
05) Maarten van der Vleuten Auseinander
06) Goh Lee Kwang Far East Fantasy
07) Lubrication Sundawn
08) Deerpark Noospheric Catbox
09) Rubbish Hal-o-een
10) Massimo Magee Abandon Neolatry
11) Screwtape It’s All Your Fault
12) Post Mortem Air

13) The One Hitters !!! -Instinct
14) Tullio DeSantis Something From Nothing
15) Kyle Willey Epidermal Outgrowth
16) Tokyo Sleep Police Chicago
17) Filthy Turd ttrimmed troglodyte tumor
18) Cranial Drill Thomas The Tank Engine Goes Postal
19) Jazznoize The Lincoln Battalion (Tribute)
20) kx – second lost puppy revolte giuliani
21) Ronny Waernes A Walk In The Park
22) Sarah June Sophisticated Girls
23) RP Collier Portage
24) Zebra Mann The Devil’s Blacksmith
25) Daniel Prendiville No Pockets In Shrouds
26) Clutter The Secret Lives Of Dentists
27) The Beautiful Room is Empty Caregiver (Preamble)
28) Seth Horvitz Melting Rhythmicon Meets Cecil Taylor in 60 Seconds
29) YMMV Action at a Distance
30) Torstein Wjiik Postal Worker
31) Enstruction Analog
32) The Wail Between The Seams USA
33) Kristian Day Monotheist March
34) Scissor Shock Cat Planet Woman [Take 2]
35) chefkirk Grant me the indulgence of this unsolicited mail to you
36) Jeremy Gluck I Came From Where I Am
37) gintas k lets make a piece
38) BBBlood Intra-holoenzyme
39) Kristof Lauwers Mult-R
40) Dave Fuglewicz Tangerine
41) Lord Litter a minute of your life
42) premo-vs-theworld dirge
43) Hybrid Frequency Logica Inversa
44) Anton Mobin Blocked sender
45) MaCu Storm
46) Jerk Kerouac Pulled Out of a Bodily Orifice
47) David Wampole (WAMPO) Smells Like Sushi
48) Sean T Wright aka StaticJack Atlantic Ocean
49) Daniel Steffey Radio Piece #7
50) Brian Green hallway
51) Buzzsaw & The Shavings Scintillating in Reflections over the Destitution of Poulton-le-Fylde of a Hauptstrasse

52) Violence and the Sacred Depart, Deceit

53) Nux Vomica The Idiorrhythmic Skete
54) Otto von Rhinau 56sec
55) Y.D.B. The Hello Wien Sound Machine
56) Cheapmachines Flex
57) Snagus Fanglebush Scylla (pirate)
58) Otolathe Things of that Nature
59) Douglas Burkett HALucination
60) My Brother Daniel Bird Boy



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